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TMJ Rehabilitation in Austin, TX

TMJ Rehabilitation in Austin, TX

If you are one of the more than 10 million American with jaw pain, you know how TMJ disorders can impact your life. Whether you have pain on one or both sides of your jaw, TMJ rehabilitation with physical therapy in Austin can reduce your pain and improve your function ... getting you back to eating what you want, yawning, talking again without pain or annoying clicking and popping.

Carter Physiotherapy offers comprehensive TMJ treatment in Austin, TX., from Doctors of Physical Therapy with specialized training TMJ disorders. This is a very unique and specialized training that is rare to find among most physical therapists.

Here is a brief video showing our appraoch to TMJ Treatment and the results we get for our patients with jaw pain:

Your jaw uses a hinge called the temporomandibular joint, which is where TMJ gets its name. The joint connects your jaw to your skull in front of your ears. When it works correctly, this joint easily moves your jaw both up and down and from side to side. 

When you have jaw pain, you may have difficulty opening your mouth all the way. Sometimes, this is from opening your mouth for a long time, like at the dentist. Some jaw pain was caused by a sports injury, car accident, fall, or blow to the face. Arthritis and autoimmune diseases also cause TMJ disorders.

You may feel your facial muscles spasm or feel (and hear) clicking, popping, or catching when you move your jaw. For some, eating, singing, or even talking can be difficult. Quickly, jaw pain may lead to muscle fatigue, headache, neck pain, and locking your jaw in one position.

Physical Therapy for TMJ Treatment in Austin, TX

You can get relief from TMJ disorder symptoms in Austin at Carter Physiotherapy. A physical therapist starts by easing the discomfort and pain in your jaw. Once your pain and inflammation reduce, you can begin long-term healing with physical therapy for TMJ disorders in Austin. This can include hands-on Manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercises and stretches, postural correction, trigger point needling, eating modifications, strategies to improve sleep and reduce clenching, and other therapeutics.

The first visit begins with an initial evaluation and ends with some treatment so you can leave with some relief on day 1.

You’ll discuss your condition, when and how your jaw pain started, and what aggravates your symptoms. Some activities, like eating, talking, or singing, may irritate your jaw. Your physical therapist will ask about previous treatments and how well each one worked, and continue to gether any other information that will help identify what's causing the problem and guide our plan to getting rid of it. You'll also get to ask any questions you may have in regards to your jaw pain and TMJ issues.

Your physical therapist will then begin treatment which involves manual therapy techniques to the jaw, neck, and often upper back since all these areas are generally involved in TMJ pain and dysfunction. You will also be educated any home exercises, stretches, eating modifications, or other items to improve the underlying causes of your TMJ problem.

Contact us today to experience the above-described physical therapy TMJ Treatment in Austin, TX. 

FAQs About TMJ Treatment

What is the treatment for TMJ?

The treatment for TMJ includes specific physical therapy modalities like manual therapy and joint mobilization. Many physical therapists also recommend massage and trigger point dry needling. These treatments improve movement and relieve pain.

What therapy is best for TMJ?

TMJ Rehabilitation therapy usually includes a combination of physical therapy modalities. After assessing your TMJ symptoms, the physical therapist recommends joint and soft tissue mobilizations, manual therapy, massage, jaw exercises, and/or trigger point dry needling. The aim is to restore pain-free jaw function. Every patient is potentially a little different so "the best" therapy for TMJ can and should differ from one patient to the next. This is why it's important to see a physical therapist who is specifically trained and certified in the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ pain.

How much does TMJ disorder cost?

Some treatments for TMJ discorder, like surgery, dental procedures, and repeated injections, can be very expensive, which is why many patients seek physical therapy first... not to mention avoiding these more invasive approches to TMJ treatment. Physical therapy treatments can be very effective for TMJ pain, usually costing significantly less than invasive dental procedures and surgery. 

Can TMJ be fixed with therapy?

Many patients find their TMJ can be fixed with physical therapy. A physical therapist can help decrease pain and restore natural jaw movement patterns with non-invasive treatments. Physical therapists also provide training and education on ergonomics, daytime posture, and sleeping positions that help TMJ symptoms. At Carter Physiotherapy, we are specifically trainined in the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ disorders, and also know when to recommend other treatment approaches or professionals that can work in a complimentary fashion with us. 

You can speak with an expert TMJ physical therapist or do a brief in-person consultation completely for free ... just call or text us at 512-693-8849 and we'll set it up.

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