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Back Pain

Physical Therapy for Back Pain in Austin, TX

Physical Therapy for Back Pain in Austin, TX

Back pain has always been common, but it is becoming more common as more people sit at computers or hunch over tablets and smartphones for longer periods. So, millions of Americans now suffer from back pain that impacts their quality of life and often leads to disability. Here at Carter Physiotherapy, we offer back pain relief in Austin, TX.

The first step to back pain relief is always a comprehensive assessment. And then your treatment at Carter Physiotherapy improves your flexibility and function and reduces your back pain. 

How does Physical Therapy help with back pain?

Research shows that physical therapy, especially soon after the onset of acute back pain, makes it less likely you’ll need medications or surgery in the long term. The sooner the physical therapy treatments begin, the more complete the recovery. 

Almost 4 out of every 5 people have back pain at some point in their lives. Physical therapy during these painful episodes provides significant immediate relief and prevents issues down the line. This is how you can avoid having “a bad back.”

But what if you already have a “bad back?” Do you have chronic back pain that impacts your daily activities? 

Physical therapy can help chronic back pain, too. Whether you have a dull aching back or sharp pains that radiate, physical therapy can make a difference – in the short and long terms. 

A complex system of muscles, vertebrae, ligaments, discs, nerves, and more, your back requires specialized modalities to address all these systems for successful rehabilitation. Physical therapy works on all these elements, reducing pain and swelling, eliminating muscle spasms, and improving circulation.

Back Pain Relief in Austin, TX

After your physical therapist at Carter Physiotherapy in Austin, TX, completes a thorough exam, they will recommend a combination of therapies for your back pain. These therapies fall into two basic categories, active and passive. 

Active Physical Therapy for Back Pain

Injuries, poor posture, and muscle imbalances often contribute to ongoing back pain. Active physical therapy stretches and strengthens muscles to relieve pain and prevent the risk of further issues. Active physical therapy includes therapeutic back stretches, muscle-strengthening exercises, and low-impact conditioning.

Your physical therapist recommends specific therapeutic stretches and exercises as your back begins to heal. Active physical therapy usually starts after a few passive physical therapy treatments when your back starts to feel better. 

Passive Physical Therapy for Back Pain

Passive physical therapy means your physical therapist uses their hands for manual therapy or a machine, like ultrasound, or TENS, or heat or ice therapy. 

  • Ultrasound

Ultrasound uses sound waves that penetrate the skin for a healing effect. This promotes muscle relaxation and improves healing in tissues, reducing pain.

  • TENS

TENS uses a low-volt current which reduces back pain and improves function by overriding pain signals to your brain. TENS often provides significant long-term back pain relief.

  • Heat or Ice Therapy

Ice therapy reduces the inflammation in your back. Heat therapy relaxes your muscles. Many patients find that combining both heat and ice therapies significantly aids back pain relief.

Back Pain Treatment Plans

Since back pain has so many potential causes and contributing factors, your physical therapy treatment plan specifically addresses your condition. At Carter Physiotherapy, we evaluate your physical exam and medical history, and we listen carefully to you.

If you are looking for a physical therapist in Austin, TX, who offers treatment for back pain relief, contact us at Carter Physiotherapy. We help people get rid of back pain and improve their quality of life.

FAQs About Physical Therapy for Back Pain

What kind of therapy do you do for back pain?

After a comprehensive assessment, physical therapy patients have customized recovery plans that combine various treatments for back pain. Most patients respond well to hands-on manual therapy and a combination of supportive treatments within a physical therapy regimen.

What is the best treatment for lower back pain?

If lower back pain interferes with your activities, physical therapy is the best treatment. After an assessment of the contributing factors to your back pain, a physical therapist recommends a customized treatment plan that usually combines several therapies to best support your recovery from lower back pain. 

What does physical therapy do for back pain?

Physical therapy works to get to the underlying causes of your back pain. That’s why your physical therapist begins with a thorough assessment of your condition. With a customized recovery plan, physical therapy reduces pain and inflammation, improves function, increases flexibility, and builds strength.

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