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Migraine & Headache Treatment in Austin, TX

Migraine & Headache Treatment in Austin, TX

A headache every once in a while probably seems like no big deal. But when headaches start making it hard to think straight, work, or enjoy your favorite activities, it’s time to seek headache relief. Carter Physiotherapy provides physical therapy for migraine & headache treatment in Austin.

Causes of Headaches & Migraines

Some headaches seem to come out of nowhere with no apparent cause, but headaches and migraines do have triggers. Let’s start with the difference between migraines and headaches. 

Migraines are chemically induced headaches caused by an imbalance within the brain. Physical therapy can’t change the brain chemicals, so you need a neurologist to prescribe medications. 

Headaches can be just as painful and debilitating as migraines. Still, they are caused by a muscle, ligament, and/or joint problem. Headaches are either cervicogenic or posture related.

  • Cervicogenic headaches are triggered by a neck disorder, usually one-sided, and made worse by specific neck movements. Many times what appears to be a migraine may be a cervicogenic headache because the symptoms are so similar. 
  • Posture-related headaches are extremely common. Sitting in a desk chair in an unnatural position with hunched shoulders often causes posture-related headaches. Muscles get tired, sore, and cramp up, sometimes even causing knots with back or neck pain.

So, generally, when your head hurts, it’s somewhat more likely a problem that’s not in your head. Pain signals come from your neck or back or another part of your body, pinching nerves, knotting up, or cramping muscles. Physical therapy for headaches can help you take back your life from the pain. 

Physical Therapy for Headaches in Austin

The first step in physical therapy treatment is a comprehensive assessment to determine the source of your headaches. Your physical therapist completes a physical exam and reviews your medical history, and they ask about what triggers your headaches. Then, combining various therapies, your unique recovery plan addresses your head pain at the source.

Manual physical therapy provides powerful results for head pain. Trained physical therapists at Carter Physiotherapy use their hands to treat your pain, directly impacting joint movement to reduce pain. 

Contact us at Carter Physiotherapy today for an assessment to determine how we can help you reduce your headaches and migraines. 

FAQs About Physical Therapy for Headaches

What is the best treatment for headaches?

Physical therapy is an excellent, non-invasive treatment for headaches. Physical therapists use various modalities to reduce the frequency and severity of headaches and migraines. Hands-on manual therapy, electrical stimulation, and other treatments help reduce current pain and the risk of recurrence. 

How to get instant relief from migraine headaches?

Physical therapists teach methods during physical therapy appointments to use ice and heat to ease headache symptoms. Many patients find making an appointment with a physical therapist at the first sign of a headache can stave off symptoms to keep them pain-free. 

Does physical therapy work for headaches?

Physical therapy decreases and resolves the frequency, intensity, and duration of headaches. This results in a reduced need for medication use while improving function.

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