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Rib Injury & Dislocation

Austin Rib Pain Therapy

Austin Rib Pain Therapy

If you have a rib injury or dislocation, you are likely at least very uncomfortable, but you could be in immense pain. Rib pain makes it difficult to breathe, move, and even do the most basic of everyday activities. Rib pain therapy for rehab and recovery helps you regain strength, mobility, and function to get back to what you enjoy, pain-free.

The first step with rib pain injury and dislocation is a thorough assessment by a physical therapist to determine the extent of your injury and how it impacts you. This evaluation includes assessing your breathing mechanics since the range of motion and muscle strength in your chest are vital for cardiovascular health. Your physical therapist at Carter Physiotherapy in Austin, TX, will also consider postural imbalances that could contribute to your functional capacity. Based on that assessment, a personalized treatment plan is tailored to address your specific needs and goals.

The Goals for Rib Pain Treatment in Austin, TX

A primary goal of rib pain treatment is the reduction of pain and inflammation. Rib pain therapy treatment plans include various modalities to support faster, more complete healing. Your physical therapist may recommend heat or cold therapy, ultrasound, or electrical stimulation in addition to hands-on manual therapy. You’ll also receive guidance on pain management techniques and instruction on prescribed therapeutic exercises for pain relief.

A crucial aspect of rib pain injury and dislocation treatment is addressing the mechanics of breathing. Rib injuries can restrict chest expansion, leading to shallow breathing, worsening pain and slowing the healing process. Your Austin Carter Physiotherapy physical therapist, will guide you on proper breathing techniques to promote optimal lung function and relieve any ongoing strain on your ribs.

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Rib Pain Injury FAQs

What Causes Rib Pain Without Injury?

Rib pain without injury could be caused by muscle strain, joint inflammation, a pain syndrome, or an unknown cause. Systemic autoimmune disorders and fibromyalgia can also cause rib pain without injury.

How To Treat Rib Cartilage Injury?

The first step to treat rib cartilage injury is to rest, use heat/cold, and avoid strenuous activities, giving your body time to reduce the inflammation in the rib cartilage. Then, after a couple of weeks, your physical therapist will complete an assessment and make a recommendation for a combination of modalities, such as hands-on manual therapy, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound. You will also receive a prescription for therapeutic exercises as part of your overall recovery and treatment plan.

How Long Does A Rib Injury Take To Heal?

Complete recovery from a Rib Injury is approximately 6-12 weeks. Fractures tend to take less time, with cartilage injuries taking more time. Many patients find full recovery takes up to 6 months because ribs receive little blood supply.

Can physical therapy help rib pain?

Some minor rib pain improves within a few days. More severe cartilage damage or other causes of rib pain may not improve without intervention and require physical therapy. If left untreated, rib pain can worsen and wear down the joints along the rib cage, which can impact breathing in the long term. Always see a physical therapist if your injured rib area has any abnormal bumps, lumps or swelling or if you experience chest numbness, coldness, or discoloration.

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