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We help active people In Austin to Quickly recover from injury so they can keep playing their sport, exercising, and enjoying life.

If you’re in pain or injured in Austin, manual physical therapy may be your best solution. Watch the video below to learn about your options for getting relief & the info you need from this website.



Watch this video to get the information and pain relief you’re looking for.

Want to find the best solution to your pain or injury in Austin?
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A Bit More About the Physical Therapy Treatment Approach at Carter Physiotherapy

Whether you’ve just recently been injured or you’ve been in pain for years, our expert physical therapists in Austin can very likely help … even if you’ve tried other forms of treatment. A number of things set us apart from most physical therapy clinics and treatment approaches in Austin, TX: We provide full-hour sessions of one-on-one care with kind & patient therapists, highly effective hands-on Manual Therapy techniques, and a holistic approach to treating the entire person for a more complete and lasting return to the active life you desire.

You won’t waste time laying on heat packs at our clinic, or doing exercises you could do on your own time. You won’t be handed off to techs or assistants, and you won’t receive treatment from someone treating other patients at the same time. Your care will never be influenced by what an insurance company will pay for, and we will never tell you to “just rest and take the pain meds your doctor gave you.” At Carter Physiotherapy, you get the full attention of your nationally accredited and certified Manual Physical Therapist, focused on one thing: getting you back to the activities and lifestyle you deserve, without pain or limitations.

Watch the video here to see what we believe you deserve when it comes to healthcare (and make sure you stay for the outtakes at the end).

What People Are Saying About Carter Physiotherapy

I had an injury of unknown etiology — no clue how I injured myself. Before I started treatments at Carter Physiotherapy in Austin, I had a high level of neck, shoulder and arm pain for at least a month . The pain was so bad that I lost all my energy and had issues sleeping. The X-ray showed nothing, and MRI showed a mild herniation of C3. Although this nothing serious, I was miserable and also had the huge responsibility of caring for my 37-year-old disabled daughter.

I’m a nurse, so I’m trained to assess people in other fields of medicine. Simply put, after my first Carter PT visit, I was so impressed with my therapist’s training, skill, thoroughness, and professionalism. They are as good as it gets, and I feel blessed to have found them.

After 6-7 weeks I’m almost completely pain-free. I’m continuing occasional sessions on a maintenance basis. Jarod has helped me with my posture, added a cervical pillow that has improved my neck support while I sleep and given me many helpful home stretches to keep my issues at bay. He also spent a lot of time improving issues I have with being a caretaker and teaching me how to avoid injury. I highly recommend this clinic!

Pam M | Austin TX

I’m 32 years old and have spent the last two years on a quest to heal my chronic upper back pain as holistically as possible. I had a terrible basketball injury: fell hard on my back onto concrete and popped a rib out of place. In short, it has been a long and trying road full of ups and downs (mostly downs). However, since coming to Carter Physiotherapy, I’ve been thoroughly impressed at the progress we’ve made.

After seeing over 10 different practitioners (other PTs, massage therapists, chiropractors & acupuncturists), I can appreciate the Carter Physiotherapy team’s attentiveness to my specific pain and injury. It’s been so hard to find therapists who really investigated and pursued the paths my pain lead them to. Before Carter PT, almost all the practitioners I saw went through their routine method of therapy. If it didn’t work, they drug me along, repeating techniques that did not help. This cost me a fortune over the past two years.

The therapists at Carter PT have been great listeners and have really targeted the main source of my pain. I appreciate their continued persistence and understanding on this. I feel I’m in the best hands, literally!

Stephen B Testimonial CarterPT Austin TX

Stephen B | Austin TX

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