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Mobile Physical Therapy

Mobile Physical Therapy Services Austin, TX

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to fight traffic on the way to and from your physical therapy appointments in Austin, TX? Imagine no waiting room and no parking. There are many reasons our patients at Carter PT prefer mobile physical therapy. 

  • Recent hospital discharge 
  • Difficulty getting in and/or out of the car
  • No need for childcare
  • Keep regular work and commute routines
  • Familiar, quiet, calm environment
  • No traffic, parking, or waiting room
  • On-site preferences such as home, work, park, sports field, or gym
  • Undivided attention

Why would you prefer your physical therapist to come to you with mobile physical therapy?

What to Expect – Carter PT Home Physical Therapy in Austin, TX

One of the most common questions patients ask about mobile physical therapy is what they need to provide. The answer is nothing except for enough space for your treatment. Do NOT move your furniture. If moving furniture is required, the physical therapist will help you when they arrive. 

Simply wear the same clothes you would for your regular physical therapy appointment. Your Carter PT physical therapist brings everything else. In addition, you learn your therapeutic exercises in your own environment. For example, your physical therapist will help you determine the best chair in your home to use for your exercises, making it easier, more effective and speeding your recovery.

Are Mobile Physical Therapy Services in Austin, TX, Right For You?

Mobile physical therapy services from Carter PT are suitable for most patients medically, so it is only a matter of preference and convenience. Occasionally, a certain modality requires equipment that is not mobile. If your recovery plan includes one of these, you’ll need to come into the clinic, at least for this part of your physical therapy. 

If you think you would like your physical therapist to come to you, ask your PT or contact Carter PT for more information. 

Mobile Physical Therapy Services FAQs

What does PT Mobile mean?

PT Mobile means that your physical therapist comes to you to complete your physical therapy session. You don’t need to drive or worry about traffic, fitting your appointment into your busy schedule. A physical therapist comes to your home, private workspace, park, gym, etc. Therapeutic exercises are adapted to your environment, enhancing the likelihood of getting better results. 

What Is Mobile Physical Therapy?

Mobile physical therapy is performed in the patient’s home, office, gym, or other location rather than at a physical therapy clinic. The physical therapist travels to the patient instead of the patient traveling to the physical therapist.

How long is mobile Physical Therapy?

Most physical therapy mobile sessions are an hour, but this is determined by your physical therapist as part of your recovery plan. The sessions are the same length as if you were at the PT clinic. The number of physical therapy mobile treatment sessions you require may be fewer than in a clinic because of the one-to-one attention and the potential increased likelihood of patients performing exercises between appointments.

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