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Knee Pain

Knee Pain Physical Therapy Austin, TX

Knee Pain Physical Therapy Austin, TX

If you have knee pain, you know how much it can interfere with your activities. Knee pain physical therapy has been proven to be highly effective, whether your pain is caused by an injury, overuse, or chronic conditions like arthritis. A Knee Pain Specialist at Carter Physiotherapy in Austin, TX, will assess and address any underlying causes of your pain and tailor a plan to reduce your pain, improve your mobility, and restore your function.

The first step is a comprehensive evaluation by a physical therapist who is a knee pain specialist. The evaluation assesses your range of motion, strength, flexibility, gait, postures, and movement issues. Then, your physical therapist personalizes a knee pain treatment recovery plan to address the specifics of your pain.

What to Expect for Knee Pain Treatment at Carter Physiotherapy in Austin, TX

Initially, the goal will be to alleviate your pain and discomfort. Once your pain lessens, your physical therapist will begin to work with you to increase your mobility, strength, and flexibility. Hands-on manual therapy joint and soft tissue mobilizations are key to a complete recovery. 

You’ll also receive information and education about your condition so you’ll know what to expect and how to reduce the risk of more pain or another injury in the future. 

The knee pain specialists at Carter Physiotherapy in Austin, TX, can help you address knee pain and improve your mobility, strength, and flexibility so you can return to the activities you enjoy. Our skilled physical therapists provide guidance and support to manage your knee pain effectively and help you recover long-term.

Contact Carter Physiotherapy in Austin, TX, today for relief from your knee pain! Our knee pain specialists are here to help you get back to your pain-free life.

Knee Pain Treatment FAQs

What Does a Physical Therapist Do for Knee Pain?

Physical Therapy focuses on joint protection and pain reduction by strengthening the muscles around the knee. This helps the legs better absorb impacts on the knee during everyday activities. Therapeutic stretching exercises, manual hands-on therapy, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and other modalities help protect the knee, increase function, and range of motion.

When Should I Start Knee Rehab?

Quickly. Physical therapy to reduce knee pain often begins as soon as a few days after a knee injury occurs. Delayed physical therapy may worsen injuries and symptoms, making knee rehab more difficult over a longer period and more expensive.

Can Physical Therapy Help Severe Knee Arthritis?

Knee arthritis develops over time, often after a knee injury. Physical therapy successfully manages knee arthritis at every phase. The earlier you see a physical therapist, the greater the chances of slowing the progression of your knee arthritis, preventing your knee pain from worsening.

How Long Does It Take For Physical Therapy to Work on a Knee?

Physical therapy is several times a week for at least 6 weeks for most patients. The length of time depends on the level of knee pain, whether you had surgery and any underlying conditions or causes of your pain. Your physical therapist begins with a thorough assessment and reassesses your condition regularly. 

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