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Therapeutic Exercise Program in Austin, TX

Therapeutic Exercise Program in Austin, TX

A vital part of getting you back to 100%

Therapeutic exercise is an integral piece of our practice and the results you will get with our treatment. While our manual therapy techniques provide a window of opportunity with improved pain and range of motion, it’s therapeutic exercise that utilizes that opportunity to regain strength, speed healing, and resolve harmful compensations that you’ve developed. Ultimately, movement is the best medicine for most of the ailments we see.

With that said, most therapeutic exercises and components of your “home exercise program” can be performed outside of the clinical setting using body weight and very simple, cheap forms of resistance.

For this reason, we teach our patients the exercises they need to do, and it is then their responsibility to complete their home program on their own time. When our patients are at the clinic, they are not spending time on things that they can reproduce or perform themselves. We can’t stand when we hear stories of physical therapists having their patients simply repeat all their home exercises in the clinic… what a waste of time and money!

How does Carter Physiotherapy determine how much exercise to prescribe?

We hold the belief that tissue needs to be loaded and that it will adapt to stresses placed on it. When conditions are acute and inflamed we typically have our patients revise their exercise routine in order to allow an appropriate physiological healing to occur.

As your condition becomes less acute we will begin to load the tissues and joints with more exercises to allow the tissue to adapt. We offer and choose from an extensive library of exercises that will keep on you on track and get you back to life without pain.

What if my condition worsens with exercise?

Contact us so we can help guide you to make appropriate changes. There is a distinct difference between injury-pain and exercise-soreness, and learning to distinguish these things will be critical to make appropriate modifications to your exercise routine.

Are their other components to the ‘home exercise programs’ you prescribe?

Yes! Aside from therapeutic exercises, the home programs we teach our patients often include stretches and other forms of ‘self-treatment’ like myofascial release using tools like foam rolls, trigger point balls, and “voodoo bands.”

We also make sure that home programs involve components of whatever sport or activity your injury is limiting you from. If you’re a runner, when appropriate, your home program is not just going to be a bunch of exercises … it needs to involve running! We apply this logic no matter what the goal activity or sport … from Yoga to CrossFit and everything in between, you’re not “fixed” until you can perform your beloved exercise without pain and limitations, so these things are included in what we have you do outside the clinic.

If this approach to rehab sounds like one that will get you back to the activities you love, click here to set up a: Free Phone Consultation or a Free In-Clinic Consultation


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