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Hamstring Strain

Hamstring Strain Physical Therapy Austin, TX

Hamstring Strain Physical Therapy Austin, TX

Do you have a hamstring strain? There are three hamstring muscles and tendons at the back of your thigh. When one or more of these is partially or completely torn, you might have a hamstring strain. After you’ve torn a hamstring muscle, you are much more likely to injure yourself again. Fortunately, hamstring strain injuries respond well to physical therapy, speeding recovery and reducing the risk of future injury.

Hamstring strain treatment is one of the most common lower body rehabilitation, particularly for athletes in sports doing high-speed running, like soccer, football, and track events. Your physical therapist at Carter PT in Austin, TX, can help manage your pain and speed your healing with Hamstring Strain Treatment.

If You Have These Symptoms, Seek Hamstring Strain Rehab in Austin, TX

Typical symptoms of a hamstring strain include:

  • Pain – It probably hurts in the back of your thigh, but it could be that the pain is behind your knee, in the middle of your thigh muscle, or by your buttocks.
  • Straightening Difficulty – It may be that your knee is simply bent, and you can’t straighten it all the way, at least not without pain.
  • Trouble Walking, Running, and Climbing Stairs – You may have difficulty and pain taking big steps, walking quickly, running, or you could have pain when climbing stairs.

Pain might be mild to severe and vary in location from patient to patient. 

If you have a hamstring injury or pain, contact Carter PT for a comprehensive evaluation and Hamstring Strain Rehab in Austin, TX.

Hamstring Strain Rehab FAQs

When Should I Start Physical Therapy After Hamstring Injury?

Immediately! Call your physical therapist as soon as you suspect a hamstring strain injury. In the meantime, rest your leg and avoid aggravating activities like walking, running, climbing stairs, and working out. 

How To Treat Hamstring Strain?

The first step is to make an assessment appointment with your Austin physical therapist. In the meantime, rest and avoid physical activities that cause pain. Using an ice pack for 20 minutes, two or three times a day, helps with inflammation, pain, and swelling. You may find a compression wrap or bandage helps reduce swelling and ease pain. Also, keep your leg elevated slightly to help reduce swelling when sitting.

How Long Does a Hamstring Strain Take to Heal?

Most hamstring strains are mild to moderate and usually heal within 3 to 8 weeks. Recovery may take as long as 3 months for more severe hamstring strains. Never return to sports or other risky activities before the injury is fully healed, and your physical therapist releases you, as this can cause more severe injuries and ongoing future weakness.

Is Physical Therapy Good for a Hamstring Strain?

Yes! Physical Therapy is the best way to speed recovery of a hamstring strain. Your physical therapist completes a thorough exam and will advise you on the best hamstring strain physical Therapy for you and when you can safely return to your previous activities. Working with your physical therapist for your hamstring sprain treatment speeds recovery times.

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