What to do about your back pain 3In the Part 2 of this series, we discussed how between 60-70% of people will have an episode of low back pain in their life. [1] The real problem becomes what do you do about it. Do you take it easy for a few days and hope it gets better? This is strategy that works for some people. But what do you do if isn’t better in a week.

Back pain that isn’t improving within a week of the original injury needs to be looked at by a professional. Unfortunately, when you go to your physician, they are most likely to just give you pain meds and muscle relaxers and tell you to rest. While those can be helpful in certain circumstances, it is also contributing to the epidemic of pain medication dependency and addiction in this country, and there are usually safer options that are equally effective [2].

Some patients look for a spine surgeon to start exploring options which is also unfortunate since research has shown that physical therapy is as effective as spine surgery for treating certain types of back pain. [3]

It seems quite risky to have spinal surgery if the average outcomes are about the same as getting conservative treatment. I know I wouldn’t want anyone cutting on my spine if I wasn’t confident that the outcomes were very favored towards surgery.

If you are lucky and find a surgeon who only uses surgery as a last resort, he/she will likely give you a prescription for physical therapy. But what if he/she owns the physical therapy clinic next door that they are sending you to? How do you know you will get the best care possible? It’s not to say that those aren’t great physical therapists, but most of them are required to see multiple patients per hour and much of the care is given by PT assistants and techs that have very little training compared to a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Here at Carter Physiotherapy we don’t recommend addictive medications that only affect symptoms rather than the causes of the symptoms, we aren’t owned by a physician group, and all of our treatment sessions are a full hour one-on-one with with our patients. We are not limited by insurance companies telling us how to treat patients. You are the customer and all of our attention is focused on what is absolutely best for you.

In what ways is your back pain limiting you? What does it keep you from doing (or doing as much as you’d like to)? Are you able to exercise, work, and spend quality time with your family without being disrupted or sidelined by back pain? It doesn’t have to be that way! There are safe, natural, hands-on solutions for what you are dealing with.

Contact Us Today to see if the back pain holding you back is something we commonly treat: 512-693-8849

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