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During a presentation for a group of personal trainers, I taught them how to use a Theraband to perform weight bearing hip rotation. It’s one of the exercises we sometimes prescribe for patients in our Austin physical therapy clinic.

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This is a closed kinetic chain (CKC) exercise to strengthen the hip rotators. It facilitates co-contraction of all the leg muscles, and the theraband adds extra resistance and activates eccentric muscle contraction. 

Weight Bearing Hip Rotation With Theraband


(Please excuse grammatical errors, as this is simply a transcription of conversational speaking)

There are tons of great exercises to strengthen the hip rotators, but this is where I wanted to show this one because I don’t see it a lot in gyms. I see it in clinics, but not in gyms so much.

So you get your client a good resistance theraband for their abilities, have them hold it and do a 360 spin. Have them get on one leg and just slowly move in a rotation in both directions as far as they can.

It’s a little more challenging than you’d actually expect and once they’ve gotten those directions down and that set done they can spin around twice, do the same leg, but now the pull is obviously coming from the other direction. I like this exercise because it doesn’t just challenge the rotators of the hip, but the whole leg. One thing you want to do is make sure that you don’t use that one on people with known hip, knee, or ankle, arthritic or cartilage breakdown kind of issues because it is kind of a weighted torsion grinding thing. There are safer ways to strengthen when that’s the case.