Active Self-Release for TIGHT HAMSTRINGS

Active Self-Release for TIGHT HAMSTRINGS

Hamstring tightness is a very common problem among many of our clients, and for most, simply stretching the hamstrings doesn’t result in much of a lasting improvement. “I stretch my hamstrings like crazy and they just never loosen up” is a statement we hear frequently among many active people in Austin… sound familiar? Aggressively stretching the hamstrings, or any muscle for that matter, without first loosening up the the muscle and connective tissue, called fascia, can actually be a waste of time. But adding a simple myofascial release technique to the stretch, as shown in the video below, can make a huge difference.

*Please note, if you have a hamstring strain, this stretching technique may not be appropriate and is no substitute for diagnosis and treatment from a licensed physical therapist. If you’d like to speak with an expert manual physical therapist about your hamstring strain or tightness, you can do so for free by requesting a phone consultation here, or simply calling/texting us directly at: 512-693-8849.

Overly tight hamstrings can lead to a variety of problems and can be involved in many common issues like low back pain, knee pain, and also be a precursor for a variety of injuries in these areas…. especially the stubborn, painful hamstring strain.

So please check out this video showing a simple but very effective “Active Release” technique with a lacrosse ball that you can do on your own for tight hamstrings. Please leave your questions/comments at the bottom of this page.

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