We make a ton of training videos for our staff and  other PTs around the world. Occasionally we  share them on our blog so those suffering needlessly can see how our hands-on physical therapy helps others to get back to the active lifestyles they want and deserve.

Below is one such video showing an example of treatment techniques for Cervical Soft Tissue Mobilization with Active Patient Movement.

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Video Transcription (please excuse grammatical errors and the conversational nature of the transcription):
“First, we’re going to do a retest.The patient does some of those movements again  while I work on the neck. So let’s have the patient look straight down to the right. Earlier, the patient was pointing and showing her symptoms. Through my thumbs, I feel the lines of tension and follow them down. The patient looks back up and I repeat the procedure, this this time diagonally to the right. Lastly, have the patient repeat the painful movement and see if she feels and moves better.”

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