We make a ton of training videos for our staff and other PTs around the world. Occasionally, we also share them on our blog so those suffering needlessly can see how our hands-on manual therapy techniques can help  get them back to the active lifestyles they want and deserve.

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Below is one such video showing an example of a soft tissue mobilization technique to address neck pain.

Soft Tissue Mobilization for neck pain – Don’t forget about the triceps!



It is my pleasure to write a review about Jarod Carter at Carter Physiotherapy… I have no clue how I injured myself—but I have had a high level of neck, shoulder, and arm pain for at least a month before I started seeing Jarod. The pain was so bad I lost all my energy and had some sleeping issues.

My X-ray showed nothing and MRI showed mild herniation of cervical 3, which is nothing serious. However, I am miserable and also have a huge responsibility of taking care of my 37-year-old disabled daughter. After one call, Mary, Jarod’s office manager, got me in to see Jarod the next day.

I’m a nurse so I’m trained to assess people in other fields of medicine. Simply put, after my first visit I was so impressed with Jarod’s training, skill, thoroughness, and professionalness as well. Jarod basically is as good as it gets, and I feel blessed to have found him.

Over the last six weeks Jarod has seen me twice weekly and I have improved everytime he works on me and advises me. After 6-7 weeks I’m almost completely pain free. I’m now seeing Jarod on a maintainence basis. He has helped me with my posture, added a cervicle pillow that has improved my neck support while I sleep and given me many helpful home stretches to keep my issues at bay. Jarod also has spent a lot of time improving issues I have with being a caretaker and how I can avoid injury.

Jarod Carter is just the best and as a professional I highly recommend him and his clinic.


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Video Transcription

(please excuse grammatical errors and the conversational nature of the transcription):

“We are working on the traps, the infraspinatus area, and the posterior area  from the deltoid to the triceps. A lot of times with these neck issues, there’s tricep tightness. Likewise, there may be lateral brachial tightness of the tissues that are involved in the problem but often go unnoticed.”

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