Schedule an appointment at our Austin physical therapy clinic quickly and easily in the box below. Scroll down, and select your desired appointment type, and be sure to follow the instructions below the form to complete your appointment booking. *

If you are scheduling an initial visit, please make sure you also schedule at least one additional appointment within 3-7 days after the initial visit. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 512-693-8849:

* Please note that due to a law that only exists in Texas and 2 other states, a “referral” or “script” for “physical therapy” is required before we can begin treatment. It can come from an MD, DO, physician’s assistant, dentist, podiatrist, adv. nurse practitioner, or chiropractor in any state. We can complete your evaluation without a referral, but if you would like any treatment in your first visit, we must have a referral for physical therapy.

If you don’t already have a PT referral/script or are unable to easily acquire one from one of the practitioners listed above, you can now get a referral for only $25 via an app (telehealth visit). Contact us today to get the details on how you can obtain a referral from the convenience of your phone.

Carter Physiotherapy is a fee-for-service clinic so payment is due in full at each session. You may send self-claims to insurance for reimbursement if desired, and we can provide you with the necessary receipts to easily do so. Most of our patients do have health insurance but choose to forgo it in order to receive full-hour PT sessions, one-on-one with an expert physical therapist who specializes in hands-on manual therapy. Many of our patients seek reimbursement by sending in self-claims. Click here to find out how recent changes in most insurance plans have made our services no more expensive than an in-network PT clinic.

Finally, Carter Physiotherapy is not a Medicare Provider, so the law prevents us from providing Medicare patients with what would be considered “normally covered services.” If you are a Medicare beneficiary and would like to request treatment at our clinic, please call us at 512-693-8849. Click here for additional details (near bottom of page) on how to make this request so that we can legally accept you as a patient.

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