The video below demonstrates the Single Leg Stance Test, which is part 3 of a 5 step Functional Movement Screen I taught to a group of personal trainers. This set of movement tests is designed to identify predispositions to injury so they can be addressed before a problem occurs.

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION (Please excuse grammatical errors, as this is simply a transcription of conversational speaking)

What you’re looking for are the two main compensations. If the hip’s not working quite right or the abs aren’t, they’ll either lean the trunk over the stance leg or they’ll drop that unweighted hip. If that’s going on, that can cause all kinds of problems actually. The list is too long to get into. If they’re dropping out when they’re running or walking, you get IT band syndrome. You can get all kind of stuff going on. You can strain the back, whatever the case may be. You definitely want to look and see how are the hips firing doing that. I also have them, after the first few, do thirty second holds because sometimes they’ll hold really well for like five or ten seconds and then by twenty or thirty they’re completely unstable so you have to wonder. They look good at first, but get them on a treadmill for ten minutes after a few minutes those hips are already going to be fatigued. They’re going to be putting all kinds of abnormal stresses, so check the endurance component of that, too. The other thing to look at there is, how stable is the ankle. Sometimes they look really good here but they’re real wobbly on the bottom and that can obviously cause problems as well, especially in running situations. So look at both of those things and then just address in your program whatever you find.

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