Austin, Texas is full of runners and therefore it is full of people with running injuries. That may sound like a joke but it is an unfortunate truth, and a common area of pain and injury for many runners is the foot. It takes the biggest impact of any body part for most runners (depending on your running form), so it’s no wonder that foot pain is so common among runners.

Though self-treatment has it’s limitations and isn’t likely to fully resolve a stubborn case of runner’s foot pain, one of our therapists recorded the video below to demonstrate some self-massage and mobilization techniques to help keep foot pain at bay as you ramp up your mileage

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Video Transcription [Please excuse grammatical errors due to the conversational nature of the video]:

Hey guys! Ben from Carter PT here again.

Running season started and many runners are experiencing discomfort when they run. One of the areas that I get a lot of tightness around is my feet. The feet take such a pounding. So it’s important to keep them mobile, loose, and fresh. What I’ll give you guys are some self treatment techniques  for your own feet as those miles starts to climb.

Here are my feet. Look at that beautiful white pale foot. I like to work on some self treatment here. I’ll demonstrate what I like to do with my own feet. I self massage it like that and I like to come across here and work that tissue. You could really dig into that foot right there. You can see some callouses from previous runs. I’ve really been working along the arch, which gets really tight and into the heel right there.

Might even get some pops or clicks sometimes. I like to pop my toes, loosen them up, and tug on them a bit.his is a really helpful self-treatment that I like to do for myself and I wiggle my toes as I do it.

So if you’re a runner and you’re struggling with some tightness in your feet, it’s a great self treatment technique to loosen them up. If you have any questions go to Thanks and take care.

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