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Decrease Groin Pain And Hip Pain With This Adductor Self-Release

It’s pretty impressive how much various forms of hip pain and groin pain can be reduced with a simple self-release technique. This self-release uses a lacrosse ball on the muscles known as the “adductors.”

*Please note that a single technique is unlikely to completely resolve most forms of hip or groin pain, and what you see in the video below is not safe for everyone out there. You need to confirm with a licensed healthcare provider that this self-treatment technique is safe and appropriate for you. If you’re in the Austin area or can get here and would like to know exactly what’s causing your hip/groin pain, you can click here to request a completely free onsite physical therapy consultation with one of our expert manual physical therapists.

We make a ton of training videos for the Carter PT staff and other physical therapists around the world. And occasionally, we share them on our blog to help those who are suffering needlessly. In this way, we give people a chance to see how our approach to hands-on physical therapy and unique self-treatment instruction can help them get back to living the active lifestyles they want and deserve. This is one such video.

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Video Transcription [Please excuse grammatical errors due to the conversational nature of the video]:

Hey guys, Jarod Carter with Carter Physiotherapy.

Here’s a quick video on a great way to loosen up your adductors or inner thigh muscles.

Sometimes, they can be tough to loosen using things like foam rollers. It’s kind of awkward because a lot of times, a foam roller is so broad and flat. It doesn’t reach the level of pressure we want in aggressiveness. It doesn’t mean that you need to be aggressive. But this is a great alternative when the foam roller just isn’t getting at the tissues like you’d want.

To start with, have a chair without arms because instead of sitting down straight, you’ll be to the side of the chair to sit down sideways. Then, scoot out to the edge so that your one leg can drop straight down on the ball.

You trap the ball against the front lip of the chair with the adductors and those inner thigh muscles. When you get right on those spots, you can immediately feel it if it’s not too tight. You have to work it around this position.

Do some little tiny movements, and let your leg just hang and relax so the muscles won’t be worked up. Our goal is to loosen it with a lacrosse ball. You can change the angles a little bit. Get onto the back side of the adductors by bringing the leg up and not dropping it all the way down, giving in while working the hips.

Then you can get more on the front side of the adductors by rotating towards the back of the chair and getting in that direction. So that’s a great way to go ahead and loosen up the upper adductors. You can also do halfway-downs as well. Be careful when you go further down toward the knee since the exit of some nerves and blood vessels are in that area.