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Common Golf-Related Injuries

During a presentation on injury prevention I gave to some Austin-area personal trainers, someone asked about the most common golf injuries we treat in our physical therapy clinic. This video clip shares my answer, plus what contributes to those injuries.

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The Most-Common Golf Injuries


(Please excuse grammatical errors, as this is simply a transcription of conversational speaking)

It’s such an amazing sport because you just move everything. You’ve got everything from an impingement at the AC joint on the back swing to hip arthritis because they are rotating over it.

Of course, there’s back stuff. With golfers I probably see more back issues than anything. And really, if they were just more active—more focused on stretching rather than just being always so strong and just having the range of motion to get back into those ranges of motion—I think a lot of that could be helped.

I could come in a few months and do something specific for golf if you guys are interested in that because it’s an incredibly big topic, actually. There are all kinds of things that can go wrong in a swing and hurt the body.