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What Is A Doctor Of Physical Therapy?

In today’s FAQ video, we answer the question “What is a doctor of physical therapy?” Watch this brief video to learn the answer from the expert physical therapists at Carter Physiotherapy. Leave any questions you may have in the comments section below.

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What is a doctor of physical therapy?

"I absolutely recommend the therapists at Carter Physiotherapy. Their therapists are simply extraordinary. I had lost the function of my right shoulder due to wearing a brace on my fractured right humerus for more than three months. The fracture had not yet healed, but the orthopedic surgeon felt we could start Physical Therapy before my shoulder got any worse. And so, after calling the surgeon to be sure exactly what type of stress my arm could tolerate, my PT began working his magic, which led us to this week and my fully-functional right shoulder.

They are very, very good at what they do. They are insistent without being demanding. They are funny and charming and just the perfect people to cajole me into doing those home exercises.

They made me feel that they cared about me as an individual, not just as “the right shoulder” or “the fractured humerus.” They tailored their hands-on treatments and my exercise routine to my physical ability and mental state as we went along, and turned what could have been a tedious and painful ordeal into something I actually looked forward to each week."



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Video Transcription

[Please excuse grammatical errors due to the conversational nature of the video]:

What is a doctor of physical therapy?

It’s a physical therapist who has a degree at the doctorate level.

Now, pretty much everyone graduating from a U.S. physical therapy school is earning their doctorate.