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» The Best Restaurants And Getaways Around Austin—Jane Ko
The Best Restaurants And Getaways Around Austin—Jane Ko

What a joy it was to interview someone with what I consider one of the best jobs in the world … Jane Ko has been an Austin-based food, lifestyle, and travel blogger since 2010. Her writing combines her charming style with an exhaustive knowledge of the local restaurant and hotel scene, and her blog is an easy way for fellow Austinites to discover a lot of hidden gems. 

Her blog, A Taste of Koko, began as a fun way to support local restaurants and share personal stories, but it eventually grew into a full-time business sharing information on food and travel. But when the pandemic struck at the very heart of the local businesses she’d grown to know and love, she knew she had to find a way to help. And that filled her 2020 calendar with fundraising and a pop-up tea house in Austin.

In this podcast, you’ll hear all the details on Jane’s favorite spots to dine and visit, plus an update on her latest projects.

In This Episode, We Chat About:

  • Jane’s favorite local destination.
  • The best place to park when you plan to walk the boardwalk.
  • How to plan your excursions so you can avoid the crowds.
  • Some silver linings that have come from the pandemic restrictions.
  • Simple ways you can support local restaurants during this difficult period.
  • Great places to find delicious, healthy foods in Austin.
  • Ideas for amazing mini vacations and day-trip getaways nearby.
  • The projects she’s launched to help hospitality business owners in the wake of the pandemic shutdowns.