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Why Don’t You Take Insurance?

Why Don’t You Take Insurance?

I will try to explain why we don't accept insurance for our physical therapy services as briefly as possible. But this is something I feel very passionate about, so I really don't want to oversimplify. If pain is keeping you from enjoying the active life you deserve,...

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What is Manual Therapy?

What is Manual Therapy?

The newer patients in our Austin-area physical therapy clinic often tell us the term Manual Therapy is somewhat confusing. For that reason, we wanted to explain what the term means and how it's being used in various professions. The official definition of Manual...

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Fascial Distortion as Sources of Symptoms throughout the Body

What is Fascia?

I believe Fascia  has so much more to do with musculoskeletal pain and injuries than most give it credit for. As I write about a variety of the injuries and conditions we treat in our Austin-based physical therapy clinic, a common factor in these discussions will be...

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Voted Austin’s Best Physical Therapy By Austin Fit Magazine

Voted best physical therapist in Austin by Austin Fit Magazine 2017
Want to find the best solution in Austin for your pain or injury? These are the 5 most-important questions to ask when considering any treatment options:

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