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Is “Pretty Good” Good Enough?

Is “Pretty Good” Good Enough?

Today I'd like to share a cautionary tale we see very commonly in people who get injured but are doing really well with treatment and recovering nicely ... The person is starting to feel really good and they have returned to most of the activities that their pain was...

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“Why Did My Pain Come Back?”

Have you ever had an injury that you thought was resolved, but then some of the symptoms return a little while later? Did you think that you would have to live with this pain for the rest of your life? Many of our patients tell us similar stories about a pain/injury...

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Voted Austin’s Best Physical Therapy By Austin Fit Magazine

Voted best physical therapist in Austin by Austin Fit Magazine 2017
Want to find the best solution in Austin for your pain or injury? These are the 5 most-important questions to ask when considering any treatment options:

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