In today’s FAQ video, we answer the question: “Are ‘physiotherapy’ and ‘physical therapy’ the same thing?”

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Video Transcription [Please excuse grammatical errors due to the conversational nature of the video]:

Is “physiotherapy” “physical therapy”?

The terms “‘Physiotherapy’’ and ‘’Physical Therapy’’ are interchangeable and it just depend on where you are in the world. Some people will use the term “physio”, but for the most part, Americans use the term “physical therapy.” I think it’s one of the only places I tend to use ‘’physical therapy’’ because now the two terms are pretty synonymous.

Although some out there might say “No. Physical therapy is more exercise-based and physiotherapy is more hands-on manual based.”

They think that because, outside of the US until the last ten years, physical therapy or physiotherapy was much more hands-on manual therapy training. Here, it was more exercise-based, but now manual therapy is widely taught and practiced by American physical therapists as well.”

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