Do you experience hip or back pain when doing deep squats? Join Jarod Carter and Max Bookman in clarifying how to do a quick ankle self-mobilization to improve your deep squat performance.

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Improve your deep squats with ankle self-mobilization

Watch the video below to learn how to squat heavier and safer with thes self mobiliation techniquest. Leave any questions you may have in the comments section below.

I love these guys! I’m a therapist and that job requires a lot of sitting which, if you read Jarod’s article in Austin Fit, you know is never a good thing. After a really busy time I ended up with back, hip, knee and foot pain. Jarod and my therapist got me functioning again and back to comfort. They have different but complimentary styles. They care about their patients and they know what they’re doing. Really five stars aren’t enough!


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If you experience knee pain when you squat, check out this post for another great video.

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