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» Alex Earle Of Austin Fit Magazine – Stories Of An Ever Changing Decade Of Fitness And Activity In Austin
Alex Earle Of Austin Fit Magazine – Stories Of An Ever Changing Decade Of Fitness And Activity In Austin

Welcome to the first episode of Carter Physiotherapy’s Active Austin Podcast! To kick things off, we’re talking with Alex Earle, co-owner of Austin Fit Magazine. To that end, I visited him at Austin Fit’s headquarters for this interview back in March. (More importantly, I got plenty of kisses from his dog, Cooper.)

Alex was the perfect person to discuss the history of fitness, health, and activity in Austin. During the past 15 years, it’s been an ever-changing landscape, and Alex shares it all in this informative and entertaining episode.

In This Episode, We Chat With Austin Fit Magazine’s Alex Earle About:

  • What Alex considers the “saving grace” of his family’s move to Austin when he was 16
  • How Austin Fit Magazine became a family (and dog friendly!) business
  • How workout trends, from cross-fit to boot camps to yoga, affect business at Austin Fit Magazine.
  • The rise of fitness bootcamps in Austin … even attracting companies from out of state to start new camps.
  • How Camp Gladiator changed the business model of fitness bootcamps
  • How the explosion of the running community in Austin lead to the rise and fall of the running-specific magazine produced by Austin Fit
  • Why the “loyalty” factor and the “Keep Austin Weird” sentiment has faded as Austin has grown, and how convenience is superseding the “buy local” concept when most are looking for gym and athletic activities.
  • What fitness businesses have adapted to changes over time and had incredible success because of their ability to adapt.
  • How the Austin fitness scene has changed for both businesses and fitness events
  • What he thinks is the current hottest topic in Austin fitness right now (hint: It’s NOT a type of workout)
  • Alex’s top 3 tips for people who struggle with motivation and consistency with working out and doing the right things for their health and fitness.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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