We make a ton of training videos for our staff and other PTs around the world. Occasionally we share them on our blog so those suffering needlessly can see how our hands-on physical therapy helps others to get back to the living the active lifestyles they want and deserve.

Below is one such video showing an example of Active Self-Release for tight hamstrings.

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Video Transcription [Please excuse grammatical errors due to the conversational nature of the video]:

Hey guys! Jarod Carter with Carter Physiotherapy.

This is a short video on a great way to loosen up the hamstring myofascial. A lot of people crank into stretches, but it would be less effective without any conservative loosening of the tissues. Sometimes, the foam rollers broad flat service isn’t quite good or deep enough to loosen tissues in specific spots.

I recommend using a lacrosse ball. First, you sit on the lacrosse ball or a regular chair, a little bit of give to the surface if possible. You’re going to start high and go low. Basically, you’re going to put the ball into the hamstrings and sit up nice and tall. Second, you’re going to extend your legs forward with your toes pulled back. It puts tension in the fascia and tissues all the way through.

Next, you’re going to extend the knee as straight as you comfortably can to the point of a stretch, but not a hard core stretch. Do that repeatedly three to five times on each spot.

If you really want to get the entirety of the hamstring, do three or four spots on the lateral or outside of the hamstrings, then three or four spots down in the middle, followed by three or four spots in the medial or the inner thigh.

Specifically, it means you have to just find another spot on the lateral or outside of the hamstrings after you are done with one spot. You either move it down or up and extending until you feel a nice stretch. Keep the toes pulled back with three to five times on each of those spots.

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